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Nomads Global Lounge opened its doors in October 2016 after 2+ years of painstaking renovations. The "travel inspired" lounge occupies the space that previously served as the reception area of Du Beau's Motel Inn

(circa 1929), as well as the living quarters where the Du Beau family members

resided while operating the Motel.


The original fireplace and antique

windows are still intact and operable.

These home-like features and friendly welcome are a few of the reasons why patrons describe the Nomads "experience" akin to stepping into a friends

living room for dinner & drinks!  


​Your hosts, Johnny & Lisa McCulloch,

have owned and operated the Motel Du Beau since 2000, and have been renovating & remodeling ever since! The historic inn  was dilapidated and tired when they purchased the property years ago, but thanks to the "Mac's", the old gal has come back to life after many years of  blood, sweat, tears... & loans!


  In 2013 the couple began envisioning a

new business endeavor; to create an

intimate "no TV's" lounge, where travelers and Flagstaff locals could mix & mingle,

& enjoy eclectic, homemade International cuisine, globally inspired libations, and

share lively conversations & travel tales.


With Johnny's excellent carpentry skills,

Lisas' background in interior design

(along with her obsessive attention to detail), & a charming vintage building with loads

of character, they embarked on their

labor of love (& patience) project.


The result is a handcrafted,

one of a kind, artistic masterpiece!

(if we don't say so ourselves...)


"Nomads is a treat for the eyes, and palate!"


Mahogany wood doors, accents, & bar,

with ammonite and sea glass inlays, an amazing array of stunning light fixtures including onyx lamps exclusively mined in Mexico, a hand painted cloudy sky corner, intriguing door pulls, light switches and other whimsical embellishments, "papel amate" art, blazing outdoor fire globe, garden terrace, and more...


Yes, you must check it out! 


We look forward to meeting you soon,


Johnny & Lisa










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